The Fourth BHD Symposium 2012

The Fourth BHD Symposium took place in Cincinnati, USA, on 28th – 30th March, 2012. We were delighted to see many of you there. Thank you for participating in the symposium and sharing insights and experiences to generate new ideas.

The symposium was held in the Vontz Center at the University of Cincinnati.

Click here for more information on the patient and family sessions.

Invited speakers included Dr W. Marston Linehan of the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, Professor George Thomas of the University of Cincinnati,  Professor Kuniaki Seyama of Juntendo University, Professor Arnim Pause of McGill University and Professor Dr Maurice van Steensel of the University Hospital Maastricht.



Read the scientific highlights of the Symposium on the BHD Research Blog.

Abstracts of the presentations and posters are available here.

Download the Fourth BHD Symposium agenda and Patient and family sessions schedule.


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