Written Interviews

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We post an interview with a BHD patient and a BHD researcher every three months.

J’s Story: Living with BHD

Dennis’s story: Living with BHD

Filippo’s story: Living with BHD

Dr Masaya Baba’s research investigating kidney cancer and Sabina’s story

Dr Mehdi Mollapour’s research investigating the role of folliculin in kidney cancer and Wendy’s Story

Caroline’s story: Living with BHD

Dr Yu Jiang’s research investigating signaling mechanism of folliculin and Tracy’s story

Nishant Gupta’s research raising awareness of BHD and Maria’s story

Long Yi’s research investigating the role of folliculin mutations in pneumothoraces and Jan’s story

Dr Mitsuko Furuya’s research investigating renal and pulmonary pathologies in BHD and Anna’s story

Dr Brian Iritani’s research into immune cells and tumour development and Geneva’s story

Ming Yan’s research investigating the role of folliculin signaling in cancer growth and Mary’s story

Davide Bondavalli’s research investigating the risk of developing BHD associated lesions and Tim’s story

Dr Shawn Ferguson’s research into BHD and Janet’s story

Lindsay Middelton’s experience counseling on BHD and Doris’s story

Dr Angela Pacitto’s research investigating folliculin and Anna’s story

Dr Paul Johannesma and Professor Pieter Postmus discussing the pulmonary symptoms of BHD, and Paula’s story

Dr Elaine Dunlop’s research into folliculin and mTOR signaling and Gigi’s story

Dr Stephen Land’s research investigating pulmonary cyst formation in BHD and Gloria’s story

Dr Laura Pradella’s research investigating the role of folliculin in the development of cancers and Brenda’s story

Professor Stéphane Richard’s research into inherited predisposition of kidney cancer and Sophie’s story

Dr Doug Medvetz’s research into the interactions of folliculin with other proteins and Drew’s story

Dr Suet-Ping Wong’s research investigating non-viral gene therapy and Michelle’s story

Prof Andy Tee’s research into BHD and Helma’s story

Dr Laura Denby’s research investigating BHD and Anita’s Story

Professor Arnim Pause’s research into folliculin and Jocelyn’s story

Dr Justin Roth’s research into gene delivery vehicles and Mary’s story

Dr Vera Krymskaya’s research into folliculins role as a tumour suppressor and Desteny’s story

Dr Tim Cash’s research investigating the effects of BHD on chromatin and Ruth’s story

Professor Eamonn R. Maher’s research investigating the relationship between the genetics and clinical complications of BHD and Wendy’s story

Prof. Dr. Maurice van Steensel work in BHD and Karen’s story

Dr Laura S. Schmidt research in to the genetics of kidney cancer and Mark’s story