Past Trials

Previous Clinical Trials in BHD.

This trial tested whether a topical Rapamycin treatment was effective in reducing the size and/or number of fibrofolliculomas. The trial found that Rapamycin was not an effective treatment for fibrofolliculomas. For more information, please read our news itemblog post and lay summary about the trial’s results.

This observational study assessed the safety of air travel in patients with BHD syndrome via a questionnaire. They found pneumothoraces occurred in 1-2 BHD patients per 1000 flights and this risk was reduced by pleurodesis. Read the paper here.  

This was a phase II trial to determine if Everolimus was safe and effective in BHD patients with renal cancer. Patients were asked to take one tablet daily and keep a diary of symptoms, with additional physical examinations and clinical tests as required. The trial was terminated due to a low participation rate.

Last Updated : July 2021
Review date: July 2024