Information Leaflets

We have three different ranges of information leaflets about BHD:

Introductory Leaflets
These are designed for people who are new to BHD and want to learn the basics. They will teach you about the main symptoms of BHD and will help you decide if you need to talk to your doctor about your symptoms, or get tested for BHD.

Advanced Information Leaflets
These are designed for people who want more in-depth information about the symptoms of BHD and available treatment options.

Clinical Introduction to BHD.
This is an A4 factsheet specifically written for medical professionals. This factsheet has been designed to be printed out and given to your doctor.
All of our information pamphlets are now available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and Japanese.

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All our Information Leaflets carry the Information Standard kite mark (shown here). This is a certification commissioned by NHS England, showing that the information we provide is accurate and evidence-based. Please point this out to any healthcare provider if they seem skeptical about the reliability of these pamphlets.