Advanced Information Leaflets

These information leaflets provide a brief description of BHD syndrome and its symptoms. You may wish to give them to your doctor or anyone interested in finding out more about BHD syndrome. They may also be useful for your employer: for example, some countries may have discrimination laws which require you to disclose your condition upon accepting an offer of employment to be eligible for discrimination protection.  See the Genetic Discrimination section for more information.

Tri-fold leaflets (print on both sides of A4 and fold)

BHD Syndrome: Diagnosis Information

BHD Syndrome: Lung Symptoms and Treatement Options

BHD Syndrome: Skin Symptoms and Treatment Options

BHD Syndrome: Kidney Symptoms

BHD Syndrome: Kidney Treatment Options

Sources for BHD Syndrome Information Leaftlets


Publication date: February 2015
Review date: February 2017