Science of BHD for patients

There are two main types of medical research: clinical research and basic research.

Clinical research investigates a disease in patients. This tells us about the symptoms, how patients are affected, and what the best treatments are.

Basic medical research finds out how a disease develops biologically, often by using model systems such as cells or animals. It is hoped that finding out how a disease develops will suggest how to stop it, and will allow us to develop a cure.

All of the published clinical research on BHD is summarized in the previous sections: Genetics of BHDSkinLungKidney, and Other symptoms. This section aims to give you a brief overview of the basic research on BHD.

In other words, the information here is not directly relevant to your health or care, but it will give you an insight into the biology of BHD.

This section contains information about:

Last Updated: June 2021
Review date: June 2024