Cell lines

UOK-257 cell line (mouse)

The FLCN-null UOK257 cell line was isolated from a clear-cell renal tumour of a BHD patient showing somatic loss of 17p (Baba et al., 2006). A FLCN-expressing isogenic cell line, UOK257-2, was established by reintroduction of the FLCN gene using a lentivirus (Baba et al., 2006).

ES cell lines (mouse)

Cash et al., (2011) produced a homozygous Flcn-null mouse embryonic stem (ES) cell line. A variety of other Flcn-specific ES cell lines including gene traps (RRX115, GC0351) and conditional knockouts (IMPC) are available commercially.

Flcn-null rat lines

Seven Flcn-null cells lines were derived from a RCC in a 10-month old male Nihon Rat (see below, Matsumoto et al., 2009)