10th July: Putting Folliculin on the map.

You can’t get away from the fact that the protein mutated in BHD syndrome, folliculin, is inextricably linked with the mTOR pathway. It also seems as though a whole host of other syndromes are too and that a few of these syndromes also have overlapping or similar phenotypes…coincidence?

Having had the opportunity to digest most of the research published on BHD I was surprised not to come across folliculin in any cell signalling pathways. Having previously worked in the lab I know it’s sometimes easy to (unintentionally) get carried away with focussing too much on your ‘pet’ gene and as the saying goes, no man is an island! I think that probably goes for his genes too, so we’ve come up with a cell signalling diagram to show how and where folliculin fits in with mTOR. You can find the diagram here and as usual all your feedback is welcome!

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