27th June 2009: New in town…

A search of ‘Birt Hogg Dubé Syndrome’ into pubmed yields 145 items. Considering that the syndrome was first classified by Drs Birt, Hogg and Dubé back in 1977, the number of published articles in the subsequent 22 years appears to be quite modest.

I’ve recently joined the Myrovlytis Trust, after a PhD at Cardiff University looking at the effects of multiple rare variants within the APC tumour suppressor gene.  Part of my new role with the  will involve maintaining bhdsyndrome.org; an online portal for all things Birt Hogg Dubé. My first task is to compile an online toolkit for researchers in the field so that if they want to know how to obtain a BHD mouse model or folliculin antibodies, all they’ll need to do is log on to our website. Another resource I hope will prove useful is a BHD literature database archive, consolidating all the useful research in the field and distilling it into one place…I hope pubmed don’t mind the competition!!

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