An important date for your diary…

Plans for the Second BHD Symposium on the 22nd April 2010 (Washington, DC) are well under way and the Scientific Advisory Committee is busy finalising the programme for the day.

I’d like to take this opportunity to encourage as many researchers as possible to attend, as the day will be an interesting mix of talks and poster presentations addressing both the clinical and basic scientific aspects of BHD Syndrome (and I use the term ‘basic’ loosely).

Having previously worked in the lab for a number of years, I often attended a number of various conferences but almost always left underwhelmed since quite often, only one or two talks were applicable to my specific area of interest and even then, the further applications or insights into my own research were tenuous at best.

However, if your work is in anyway related to BHD Syndrome then the Second BHD Symposium 2010 really should be a date in your diary. Very rarely will you find a whole day dedicated to your area, and as a result of the BHD field being quite small you’ll get to hear from highly respected researchers from around the world. Since the last Symposium in 2008, so much more is understood about the molecular biology and biochemistry underlying BHD Syndrome and the number of groups involved in BHD research has increased. Further characterisation of Folliculin has been carried out as well as the collection of clinical data from larger BHD cohorts across the globe – can you afford to miss out?

Up to date information regarding the Second BHD Symposium, including how to register and accommodation details can be found here. Travel grants are available from the Myrovlytis Trust.

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