Fourth BHD Symposium Abstracts

The abstracts from the Fourth BHD Symposium have now been published online in the journal Familial Cancer. The Symposium was held in March 2012 in Cincinnati, USA, and hosted over 90 BHD researchers, clinicians and patients. The latest findings and on-going research in the field of BHD were presented over the two days. The abstracts are a great overview of the Symposium, so do take a look, especially if you were unable to attend the meeting.

Basic research highlights include a new FLCN-interacting protein, independently identified by both Dr Douglas Medvetz at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Michael Nahorski at the University of Birmingham, UK. Sander Basten, a PhD student in the lab of Professor Rachel Giles at the University Medical Center Utrecht, also presented the latest data on the PTC124 drug, which was described in last week’s blog.

There were also several clinical presentations, including an account of the long-term surveillance of 73 FLCN-mutation carriers given by Dr Paul Johannesma from the VU Medical Center in Amsterdam. Dr Shunsuke Koga, from Chiba University, Japan, described the lung phenotypes seen in 11 BHD families – work which has been discussed in a previous blog post.

Further highlights of the researchers sessions and patient day can be found in previous blog posts (here and here respectively). The Fifth BHD Symposium will be held in Europe in spring 2013 – watch out for further details on


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