New BHD Literature Database

As mentioned in our most recent Newsletter, there has been a substantial redesign of the BHD Literature Database. This redesign was a product of a recent internship programme which involved both university students and graduates from a variety of backgrounds in the biological sciences. In particular, Belinda Lo from Imperial College London was instrumental in its construction.

This freely downloadable database is now available in a Microsoft Access format which allows for easier navigation and cross-referencing. On the start page, open the Articles List for an up-to-date record of scientific papers which are related to BHD syndrome. This list can be sorted by author, publication date, paper type and open access availability. In addition, a summary of the aims, methods and findings of each paper can be found by clicking on its Article ID.

The methods used in the open access publications have also been detailed, and these can be found by clicking the Methods Type button on the start page. After this, click Methods Breakdown to navigate between the various method types and subtypes. For more details regarding each method and to see which paper it is from, click on its Method ID.

Please note that this database contains macros which will need to be enabled upon opening the file. Additionally, users of Internet Explorer may need to save the file before opening it.

Other updates include new Video Interviews from the Fourth BHD Symposium, as well as a Private Forum which came about as a result of feedback from the Patient and family sessions (as summarised in this previous blog post).

Feedback on the new database and all other aspects of the website are still welcome. Feel free to email us at or alternatively use our Survey which can be accessed  from the Features and EventsFor Families and For Researchers home pages, as well as the Contact Us page.

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