BHD Literature Database Updated

Two new papers have been added to the BHD Literature Database:

Seaman et al. re-examine the differential diagnosis of lung cysts on high resolution CT. While lymphangioleiomyomatosis or Langerhans cell histiocytosis are the most commonly associated conditions, the authors describe several other diseases, including BHD, which are also linked with lung cysts.

López et al. undertook a review of BHD syndrome diagnosis. The authors, who are dermatologists, note that the characteristic BHD symptoms of fibrofolliculomas and/or trichodiscomas may be absent in many cases of BHD. They stress that a positive BHD diagnosis can be made even in the absence of cutaneous symptoms.

To find out more, download the latest version of the database here.

López et al. is freely available to download in the BHD Article Library: Clinical section. The article is in Spanish; the abstract is available in English and Spanish.

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