BHD Literature Database Updated

The BHD Literature Database has been updated with two research papers.

Medvetz et al. report that FLCN interacts with Plakophilin 4 (PKP4 or p0071) to regulate RhoA signalling and cell-cell adhesion in cells. They also use a conditional FLCN to delete FLCN in mouse epithelium. These mice show a similar phenotype to other cell-cell adhesion gene knockouts, and have a hyper-proliferative epidermal phenotype indicative of Rho signalling defects.

Hasumi et al. used conditional alleles of FLCN and PPARGC1A to delete these genes singly and in combination in order to investigate their roles in murine mitochondrial function. Their results suggest that FLCN inhibits PPARGC1A function, thereby regulating mitochondrial oxidative metabolism.

To find out more, download the latest version of the database here.

Medvetz et al is freely available to download in the BHD Article Library: Basic section.

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