BHD Literature Database Updated

The literature data base has been updated with one paper:

Bastola et al. find that VHL activates the expression of FLCN both at the mRNA and protein level. Knockdown of FLCN in 786-O cells carrying a reconstituted VHL allele enhanced the tumorigenic potential of these cells when they were xenografted in to nude mice. This enhanced tumorigenesis seemed to be independent of the mTOR pathway as mTORC1 signalling was reduced in FLCN knockdown cells, as shown by reduced phosphorylation of S6, S6K and 4EBP. Similarly to VHL, FLCN was found to inhibit the onset of autophagy by inhibiting and promoting the accumulation of LC3B and LC3C respectively, suggesting that FLCN is at least partially responsible for the tumour suppressor action of VHL.

This paper is available to download from the BHD Articles Library:Basic section.

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