I ♥ Small Charities Day

The BHD Foundation is taking part in #SmallCharityWeek. The aim of this week is to raise awareness of the UK small charity sector making a difference across the world. As a small charity, the BHD Foundation (run by the Myrovlytis Trust) is getting involved in this event and we would love the BHD community to get involved too!  
Monday 14th June is “I ♥ Small Charities Day”. The team at the BHD foundation will be posting a picture of themselves on Twitter and Facebook holding a poster saying how much we love our charity and why. We think this is a great way to connect with the BHD community so you get to see some of our faces behind the scenes! We would also really love to see some of you too – we would be nothing without the strong community we have.  
We have provided a link to a downloadable poster for you to adapt and we would love to see them across social media using the hashtags #ILoveSmallCharities  #SmallCharityWeek #BHDsyndrome #SCWeek2021. 

Alternatively, you can share the poster without a photo on social media with the same hashtags – or even just share your feelings in a FB post or tweet!  

We will be gathering all the responses and putting them together.
The poster is available here!


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