One Cancer Voice

The BHD Foundation has joined with 46 UK charities, as One Cancer Voice, calling for the government to invest in cancer services. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a backlog of cancer tests and treatment, and not only do we want to restore cancer services but improve them.

We are urging Governments and NHS leaders across the UK to

  1. Direct resources to clear the cancer backlog as quickly as possible
  2. Continue to encourage people with signs and symptoms of cancer to seek help from their GP
  3. Expand the number of staff in key cancer professions
  4. Drive earlier and faster diagnosis
  5. Ensure personalised care and support for all
  6. Strengthen the UK’s medical R&D base to accelerate improvements in cancer outcomes
  7. Resource high quality end of life care
  8. Be bolder in measures to prevent cancer
  9. Reduce inequalities in cancer outcomes

Click here to read the full statement and charities involved.

Today we are sharing this message on twitter with the #OneCancerVoice. Together our voices will be heard.

Wherever in the world you are we would be interested in finding out about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your cancer care. Please email us at if you are keen to share your experiences.

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