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Over the last few months has updated a lot of its content. The researchers section has had a complete overhaul with lots of new features whilst the families’ section remains the most comprehensive online portal for information regarding BHD Syndrome, covering information on specific symptoms to genetic counselling.

What’s next for the site? We’ve streamlined the forums into fewer categories: ‘BHD Resources’, ‘Gene Test & Genetic Counselling’ and ‘Jobs, Insurance and Discrimination ‘ remain, since they offer different things to specific audiences.

‘Introduce yourself to the forum’ and ‘Living with Birt Hogg Dube Syndrome’ are both new.  By fostering a more interactive online BHD community we believe that this site can offer its members so much more than facts and figures. So introduce yourself, where are you from? What have been your experiences with BHD…? You can share as much or as little as you want but your experiences may prove invaluable to someone else!

Also, if you are interested in a particular thread, remember to use the ‘RSS Feed’ function. Just click on the orange RSS box and you will be automatically updated when someone adds something to the thread. Easy!

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