Website Update has recently been updated. We aim to make this website the primary resource for all in the BHD field. As such, we’ve made some new improvements to the researchers section of the site that we hope you’ll find useful.


Under  the new ‘Resources’  menu you will find:

  • Current Research: this section will highlight recent publications as they arise.
  • BHD Literature Database: a comprehensive archive of BHD publications. This can be downloaded from the site and is currently a beta version. We aim to regularly update this and feel it could become an invaluable e-resource for everyone at the bench. As such we welcome your feedback and will incorporate ideas into newer versions.
  • Laboratory Essentials: looking for a BHD cell line? Antibody? We aim to catalogue all technical resources here for your convenience.
  • Clinical Trials: there are currently no clinical trials for therapies relevant to BHD but it may be a good idea to maintain an awareness of this area.


These are just the first of many updates we’re looking to make and we hope you find them useful!

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