What is Birt-Hogg-Dubé (BHD) syndrome?

BHD is an inherited condition, characterised by the development of fibrofolliculomas (benign skin tumours), pulmonary cysts and pneumothorax (collapsed lung), and predisposition to kidney cancers.



Last week we held our first ever #BHDSyndrome Patient Advisory Board Meeting. We were thrilled to hear their thoughts and are looking forward to working with them in some of the projects we have coming up! Read our summary of the meeting here: https://t.co/cpNEFBbAhJ #raredisease https://t.co/LBTlXDqq2N BHD_Foundation photo
We are delighted to announce that tickets are now available for this years BHD Community Symposium being held on Saturday 08 October 2022. To book your free space visit https://t.co/hRNQxbK2ny https://t.co/UoshIPFZmL BHD_Foundation photo