Video Interviews

Hear straight from the front lines of current research, learn about future prospects, and have a chance to get to know the scientists endeavouring to understand and treat BHD.

Dr Fred Menko, a Consultant Clinical Geneticist, discusses his work in BHD and exciting developments in cancer genetics research.


Dr Doug Medvetz, a Postgraduate Research Fellow, discusses his research on the functions of Folliculin, with an aim to find therapies for BHD .


Professor Elizabeth Henske, a Professor of Medicine, discusses her research and the similarities between BHD, LAM and TSC. 


Dr Vera Krymskaya, a Professor of Medicine, discusses her interest in advancing science in BHD, LAM and TSC.


Professor Frank McCormack, a Professor of Medicine, discusses his work researching LAM and the importance of researching BHD. 


Dr Ilene Sussman, the Executive Director of VHL Alliance, discusses the importance of raising awareness of rare genetic diseases. and knowing you are not alone. 


Dr W. Marston Linehan, Chief Senior Investigator at the National Cancer Institute, discusses current BHD research and gives advice to new researchers. 


Dr Laura Schmidt, Principle Scientist at the National Cancer Institute, discusses the discovery of the Folliculin gene and what it means for the future of BHD research .


Dr Masaya Baba, an Associate Professor, discusses his research analysing the Folliculin protein in mouse models .


Lindsay Middelton, a Genetic Counsellor and Clinical Research Nurse, discusses her typical day as a genetic counsellor and advice on how to talk about BHD .


Professor Arnim Pause, a Professor of Biochemistry, discusses his current and future research into BHD. 


Dr Tim Cash, a Chief Scientific Officer, discusses his work on Folliculin and cell death.


Dr Seung-Beom Hong,  Post-Doctoral Researcher, discusses his research investigating the role of Folliculin in the cell.


Prof. Dr. Maurice van Steensel, a Dermatologist, discusses his research in to cell signaling pathways in BHD and his work as both clinician and researcher. 


Dr Derek Lim, a Clinical Geneticist, discusses his clinical research into BHD and the Folliculin mutation database.


Professor Ferenc Mueller,  Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Genetics, discusses the use of zebrafish in research and how this could contribute to our understanding of BHD.


Dr Richard Harbottle, a Research Fellow, discusses his research and gene therapy. 


Professor Andy Tee, a Research Lecturer, discusses his research into BHD and the techniques he uses to study the condition.



Professor Eamonn R. Maher, a Professor of Medical Genetics and Genomic Medicine, discusses the importance of researching BHD to increase our understanding and develop potential treatments.