3rd July 2009: BHDSyndrome.org Makeover

So the overhaul of bhdsyndrome.org is more or less complete. The website is still principally split in two, with half the content directed at individuals with a family interest in BHD Syndrome [here] and the other half catering for scientists at the bench and clinicians [here].

Part of the recent website overhaul included upgrading the content for scientific staff. Now available at the click of the mouse is direct access to useful laboratory resources and a downloadable BHD literature database. To be extra useful this database will be regularly updated as research is published, ensuring that everyone who uses this tool is kept up-to-date.

Another facet of the website we’re keen to promote is the forum. If you have a comment on any of the content we’ve provided feel free to post a message in the forum. Any other suggestions or comments are welcome as we’re really keen to foster an interactive BHD community!

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