Oldest index pneumothorax presenting case report

Minnis et al. (2016) report the case of an 82-year-old man with recurrent chest infections and a medical history of heart conditions and ex-tobacco use. Patient had in his family history cases of spontaneous pneumothoraces. Examination revealed multiple whitish papules located on the head and neck in keeping with fibrofolliculoma. CT scan revealed multiple thin-walled lung cysts. Genetic testing revealed a mutation of the FCLN gene, confirming the BHD diagnosis. Given the patients smoking history, authors mention how important it is to make the distinction between different lesions in the lung. Because there is often overlap in imaging appearances, distinguishing features such as size and distribution of pulmonary cysts and clinical features can be used for differentiation.

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  2. My grandfather died in 1987 at 81 he was also a smoker and had history of numerous Spontaneous Pneumothorax. ..He was French Canadian. He also had the heart issues and I so wish I could have known about this back then. I am positive that’s where my positive bhd genetics came from.

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